• brand-x / visual communications Reviving the American Stock Car Brand
    Reviving the American Stock Car Brand

    Some sixty years after NASCAR was founded, American Stock brings the early days of racing to life again, delivering everything from an historical DVD series and must-have memorabilia, to collectibles and reinvented, vintage-inspired apparel. American Stock is committed to today’s most avid, hard-core race fans, and strives to expand its community by inspiring others.

    American Stock has commissioned NY-based, award winning Flying Machine to both define and design the brand, as well as design and execute the memorabilia and merchandise products related.


  • culture corner: arts, performing arts, music, food & poker Simple just tastes better…

    When it comes to food, there are two kinds of people: those that will eat, or at least try, everything, and those that will stay on the "safe side of food"  - only eat or cook whatever they have been fed with when growing up..

    Aside for a major dislike of chocolate, I will eat anything that comes my way, always looking for new flavors and textures. Even when I travel I plan my route based on what good restaurants I can find in it. On the flip side, my wife, believes that the ultimate treat is a slice of bread with chocolate spread on it While she is at it, I keep explaining why ketchup is not one of the mother sauces and I’m still trying to figure out how the hell she developed a cilantro-phobia…???

We live in an era of sensory overload. That's obvious. Bombarded with information, in different media, we are applying what's left of our limited attention span to daily routines, concurrently handling work and entertainment, as lines between those 2 worlds have totally blurred. Seeing "Her", the anthem movie for new Man- Machine interfaces, I realized how much potential lies in utilizing some of our human senses differently and putting some "parallel" brains to work. Think about hearing your social feed or emails while driving to work, instead of diverting your seeing sense from the road. Hell, you could even fall… More...
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